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More deceit from Extreme Shelters

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OKLAHOMA CITY — It's been one week since we first tried to track down the owner of Extreme Shelters after clients said they had been waiting for months for their shelters to be installed. This past weekend the owner of the company disconnected his phones and no one has been able to find him. 

Not only that, less than 24 hours after our first story aired, he sold the equipment and rights to use the company name and website.

He had also partnered with the Red Dirt Ready campaign to give away a shelter.

They were unaware of what was going on, until we called.

Lacey Callahan, with Red Dirt Ready, says, “The contest is still going. The promos are still running and we are going to give away a storm shelter.”

Callahan says despite the unfortunate actions of Extreme Shelters, their contest to give away a shelter will go on.

Red Dirt Ready had partnered with a local broadcast group and Extreme Shelters to give away a shelter as part of their effort to teach Oklahomans how to prepare for and respond in an emergency.

Once they heard about our stories on Extreme Shelters they got to work, making sure the giveaway would still happen.

Callahan says, “They got on top of it immediately and have lined up another company, Storm Safe Shelters, to step in and ensure that we get the shelter to give away.”

We've also learned, last Friday Extreme Shelters sold their equipment and the rights to use the company name and website to another local company.

An attorney for that company sent us a statement saying they believed Extreme Shelters was a reputable business.

George Brown, with Brown and Gould PLLC, says, “We have also fell victim to Extreme Shelter's deceptive practices and fully intend to pursue legal action against the owner of the company.”

The state attorney general says consumers who feel they have fallen victim to any business should file a complaint with his office.

Attorney General Scott Pruitt says, “Our public protection unit takes those complaints and we have investigators that say, 'Did this guy do it the right way?' Snd if not, we go after and prosecute them.”

While he can't talk specifically about any potential complaints on Extreme Shelters, he says we all need to be cautious consumers.

Pruitt says, “Check out the company; see if they're reputable. Common sense and instinct, we disregard that and think it's too good to be true and chances are it is.”

However, the attorney general's office says prior to this week, there had been no complaints made against the company Extreme Shelters.

The radio broadcast group tells us the owner of Extreme Shelters called them Wednesday saying he had found another company to honor the giveaway in his place.

However, by that time they had already taken care of the problem.