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Help for those scammed out of storm shelters

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OKLAHOMA CITY — For a couple of weeks we've been following up on numerous Oklahomans who say a local company, Extreme Shelters, took their money but never delivered or installed their shelters.

Since our first story the owner has disconnected his phones, sold his equipment and the rights to use his company name, and now the Secretary of State's website shows that the company has been dissolved.

Unfortunately, more than a half dozen clients of Extreme Shelters have contacted us wondering what they need to do next.

We now have good news for those customers.

A couple of local, reputable companies have stepped up and are offering to help.

Since our first story aired we've received calls from customers who claim they paid Extreme Shelters anywhere from $100 to $4,000.

All of them say they are still waiting for their shelters.

While we work to track down the owner, two local companies are stepping in to help those who can prove they paid for a shelter they never received.

Lisa Ingram, with Flat Safe Tornado Shelters, says, “We saw your story and we just felt like the very least we could do was help this family out before spring.”

Tuesday morning crews from Flat Safe Tornado Shelters, in Yukon, were out at Lori Chaffe's house installing a brand new storm shelter.

We first met Lori earlier this month.

She's just one of those who paid in full for a storm shelter from Extreme Shelters and never received what she paid for.

Chaffe says, “It's amazing. It's absolutely incredible. Definitely puts my mind at ease.”

Ingram says it's unfortunate the Chaffes and others were taken advantage of.

That's why Flat Safe Tornado Shelters and Ground Zero Storm Shelters are both offering help to anyone who lost money to Extreme Shelters.

Richard Crow, with Ground Zero Storm Shelters, says, “If they can show us proof they paid for it and a sales receipt, we're going to take half of it off, apply it to our shelter.”

Ingram says, “Any situation where people have been taken advantage of, we will do the best on a case-by-case basis to do what we can for them.”

Both companies are willing to help all customers who can prove they paid for a shelter they never received.

Crow says, “The right thing to do is correct the problem, rectify it, just try to help people out.”

Ground Zero Storm Shelters tells us you should always check a company out before purchasing a shelter.

Crow recommends seeing, first, if the company has ever changed names.

He says that could indicate a previous problem or just an ownership change.

Also, see how they have handled complaints, that's usually available through the Better Business Bureau.

And, lastly, just do a quick online search of the company or owner and to see if there are other business or legal issues connected to their names.

Customers wishing to contact Flat Safe Tornado Shelters can call 405-609-1509 or go to their web site

Customers wishing to contact Ground Zero Storm Shelters can call 405-627-2245 or go to their web site