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Football legend looks back at past championships

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OKLAHOMA CITY—In less than six hours, players will take the field for the Super Bowl and we wanted to take a look at a former Oklahoma Sooner and pro football player, who played during a time with no facemask and a leather helmet.

Each picture is a different story and Charlie Sarratt has plenty to share from his playing days.

Charlie was a football star at the University of Oklahoma in the 1940’s before turning pro and moving to Motown to play for the Detroit Lions.

Sarratt said, “Ford family owned our Detroit Lions. They were very good to us. We would get a lot of amenities like suits and stuff like that and cars.”

Things were different those days.

Players took the field for offense and defense, and the pay was not what it is today.

There also wasn’t a Super Bowl.

He said, “In those days, you didn’t have a championship game. You won the championships by winning the games.
Charlie eventually won a championship, but as a coach.

He worked alongside coach Bud Wilkenson when the Sooners won their first national championship.

He said, “You are looking at the national championship, that’s 1950.”

The championship ring is still one of his most cherished memories from his days on the gridiron.

“Sometimes, you only get one shot at it and that’s a big thing in your personality. If you’ve been there and done it, you prove to yourself you can do it.”

You can watch the Super Bowl Sunday night at 5 p.m. on NBC.