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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. — There’s a new development in the case of murdered Midwest City woman. The district attorney has now charged a juvenile with two counts of murder. Authorities believe 17-year-old Laquan Ashley drove Brodric Glover, the accused trigger man, to the scene that night.

Ashley told police, back in January, he had not been in Midwest City the night of the murder.

Then last week in a new interview he changed his story giving police enough reason to charge him in this case.

In newly-amended court affidavit police say Laquan Ashley, who was seen with Glover at a metro Wal-Mart the night of the murder, has admitted to driving Glover around that very night in an orange Kia police say was rented by the victim’s estranged husband, Fabion Brown.

Ashley says Glover told him to go to the east side, but never told him why.

He says he dropped off Glover and then picked him up in the neighborhood where Jessica Brown was later found dead.

However, he says he didn’t know why.

He gave police very few answers, but it was enough for the district attorney to charge him with two counts of first-degree murder.

Ashley is already in custody; no word on when he will be arraigned.

Jessica Lynn brown, 23, was found dead in January.

She had been shot while sleeping inside her Midwest City home.

Her two young children were in the bed with her.

Police found her body after a neighbor called reporting her two children were found that morning walking around outside the home.

In the days to follow, police arrested and charged three people in connection with the case, Brown’s estranged husband Fabion Brown, his girlfriend Emily Matheson, and the man charged with actually pulling the trigger, Brodric Glover.