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Saving a Buck: New, used iPads

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Michael Foulger, a self-described “gadget guy,” loved his original iPad. So why did he recently sell it? “So I could get the new iPad and save some money while doing it,” he says.

Apple’s third-generation iPad is supposed to hit the stores Friday.

So Foulger went online to see what he could get for his old one.

He says offered cash, but gave him a little more, $255 worth of store credit.

How much you can get for your old iPad depends on the model and condition of the tablet.

So what’s so good about the new iPad?

“The processor and the memory is four times better,” Foulger says. “The screen is a lot better.”

“Imagine a PlayStation 3 on your HD LED screen. That’s what it’s going to look like,” Chad Gono says, General Manager of CDR Electronics.

Because of the excitement of the third iPad, they’re buying the first two iPads from consumers for up to $325 in cash.

They’re also selling the original iPad for $500 less than its original price.

They’re selling the iPad 2 for almost $300 off the original price.

Foulger pre-ordered his new iPad to arrive on Friday’s release date. 

But he says that’s not soon enough.

“I wish they delivered earlier,” he says while smiling. “My UPS guy shows up around 6 p.m. I wish he’d show up a little earlier.”

He says if you’re selling an iPad online, make sure you’re using a reputable website; iPads cost too much to risk getting scammed.