Next chance of rain to move in this weekend

Major County tornadoes from Bob Moore Chopper 4

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MAJOR COUNTY, Okla. -- As predicted, Saturday was a big day across Oklahoma for severe weather and what a day it was.

Chuck Musgrove and I were able to capture some incredible footage of this tornado as it crossed Major County.

The storm was slow to start, but when the tornadoes started touching down I didn’t think they were ever going to stop.

Luckily, the area we shot was pretty much open land with very few houses or places for people to be put in danger.

We followed this storm from Elk City all the way northeast of Glass Mountains.

Luckily, the storm was wrapping up as we had to make a break for gas.

Our friends at Woodring Regional Airport in Enid were waiting on us with gas and a “Cold Pop."

We faced an incredible head wind the entire way back to the city.

We were able to get a max airspeed of 122 mph but a ground speed of 60 mph, which is disheartening when you see cars going faster than you.

With a little luck, we were able to make it back before the 10 p.m. newscast.

I hope you enjoy the video and would join me in keeping the people of Woodward in your prayers.