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Goats replacing John Deere in Stillwater

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STILLWATER, Okla -- Five thousand acres is a lot to maintain. So, Stillwater Parks and Recreation is recruiting some hungry, hungry help!

Director Jim Scott said, "When I first heard it, I couldn't believe it. I thought, GOATS?"

Yes, goats! A dozen four-legged weedeaters are on loan from Langston University.

Scott said, "They bring them over and drop them off. We don't have to feed them really."

The goats aren't putting anybody out of work; crews will still mow most of the parks.

But the goats will be utilized in the hard to reach areas like deep, dangerous ravines.

Parks and Rec officials said they don't have the time or equipment to tackle tough spots like those.

"A lot of the rough spots we can't get to. These ditches are too steep. We don't have the manpower to maintain otherwise. So this works out," city employee Rick McGuar said.

City officials said thick brush can also be dangerous.

According to Scott, "There is poison ivy around here, snakes. But the goats, they don't care. In fact, poison ivy is a treat for them."

Mr. Scott said the unique program is a win-win.

Families love it because it turns parks into a petting zoo of sorts.

And the goat brigade saves taxpayers a bundle since they literally work for weeds.