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Saving A Buck: Homemade cleaning products

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Cleaning products sure can add up. It seems you need something different to clean everything, whether it's your shower, your toilet or your kitchen counters.

Now there is a way you can save a buck and still get your house sparkling clean.

Vinegar, baking soda, alcohol and Dawn dish soap are four simple household items that can help clean your house from top to bottom.

Amanda Watson recently started making her own cleaners in an effort to save some cash.

She said, "I just thought, I'm going to see if this is cheaper, and if it is, it will be great in the long run."

One of her favorites is a bathroom cleaner that mixes vinegar with Dawn.

Amanda heated up a cup of vinegar, mixed it with a cup of Dawn and let it cool.

It's enough to clean the entire bathroom several times.

She said, "I like that it cleans the toilet, the sink and the bath. I don't have to have a toilet cleaner and then a normal bathroom sink cleaner."

Vinegar is also great for cleaning your washing machine, your garbage disposal and can get rid of odors caused by pet urine.

Another favorite of Amanda, granite cleaner.

She said, "Granite cleaner is really expensive."

All she did was mix a few drops of Dawn with the alcohol.

The last cleaner, baking soda sprinkled on a wet rag.

It's great for scrubbing your kitchen sink and your walls.

We bought all four products, enough to make several bottles of each cleaner.

The cost: $6.16.

Amanda said, "It's not worth it to me to not buy the expensive name-brand stuff."