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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Testimony begins in the trial of a Del City father charged in connection with the death of his three kids.

Early last year three young children, Christopher, Crystal and Kaylee Dunham died in an RV fire.

Their father, Christopher Dunham, is charged with child neglect and possession of drug paraphernalia in the case.

The first witnesses included a neighbor, a Department of Human Services worker and several fire investigators.

The two sides working hard to show much different pictures of the defendant.

Christopher Dunham got choked up in court, looking at pictures of the fire with his three kids dead inside.

From the beginning, prosecutors argued long before this fatal fire broke out, Chris had been a neglectful dad.

Prior to the camper catching fire, prosecutors pointed out Chris installed a lock on the RV door to keep the kids inside.

That also made it impossible for them to escape the fire.

In court, one neighbor told prosecutors she saw the children running unsupervised in the street weeks before the blaze.

A state DHS employee also claimed Chris lied to her; she said he told her the family lived in the adjacent home and not in the RV.

That witness claimed Chris even admitted he and his wife had used meth and marijuana in the past.

On the other hand, the defense called the death of the three kids merely a tragic accident.

They portrayed Chris as a hardworking dad who did his best to keep his kids clean, well fed and happy.

Which way the jury sees Chris will no doubt go a long way to determining their verdict.

The children's mother, Stephanie, entered a no contest plea to the same charges last week.

She'll be sentenced in July.