Sunshine in store for Memorial Day weekend

Arcadia Lake gets ready for summer

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ARCADIA, Okla. -- The geese outnumber the swimmers right now at Arcadia lake but Memorial Day Weekend is almost here and fisherman Micah Carter knows chaos is not far behind.

He said, "It gets pretty busy. No doubt about it. Crazy!"

Arcadia Lake will be a hot spot for the next several months. 

City crews are preparing the sandy beaches. 

Maintenance worker Leon Mixer is raking the shoreline, removing debris and creating a pleasant paradise for sun and lake enthusiasts.

Mixer said, "We're going to fluff it up and make it nice for people to put their feet in. Children can build sand castles. By the time we're done, it'll look like Cancun."

Safety is paramount for police.

Lake Patrol will have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to life jackets. 

Anyone 12 or under must be wearing a life jacket on a boat or in the water or face a $119 fine.  

Edmond Police Sgt. Chad Langley said, "It's not because we want to money from people. We don't want your kids to drown."

Officers will also be patrolling on foot, bike and ATV, looking for parking violators and excessive alcohol consumption. 

They want the lake to be a safe and friendly environment for all who visit from now through Labor Day weekend.