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In Your Corner: Bent Out Of Shape

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City yoga instructor has a big mess on her hands.

Lately, she’s been forced to waste her energy on a bad remodeling job.

She hired Robert Rivard to rip out her old floors and install new ones. Tiffany says the contractor underbid the job, jacked up the price on her, then did shoddy work.

Our camera recorded problems throughout her hot yoga studio, including poorly cut edges and bubbles underneath the vinyl flooring.

We brought in our own flooring expert to size up the suspect floor job.

Kyle Brimberry with Brim's Carpet said,“He pretty much missed every single manufacturer’s requirements for installation.".

Rivard admits he rarely installs vinyl flooring  and failed to perform a routine moisture test.

Brimberry measured the moisture in the ground.

 He said, “Right now, it's telling us the moisture level is just barely above 4. According to the specifications, it can not be above three.”

Not only did Rivard fail to scrape up the old glue from the original flooring, but he failed to use an essential sealant beneath the new floor, meaning all of Rivard's work must be torn out and replaced.

Rivard claims he’s found his way back to a righteous path and promises to refund Tiffany a portion of her money.

Tiffany, while still bent out of shape, is refusing to sweat the small stuff.

“This is my karma. Not because I did something bad, but that's what happened,” she said. “That's just life and he'll have his karma coming his way, both good and bad.

Brimberry should have the new floors installed in the coming weeks. We'll check back.

Tiffany suggests researching the contractor by checking out court recrods, shop around and always trust your gut.

That way, you will hopefully avoid similar twists and turns.