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Judge orders release of Bricktown shooting suspect

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Police have released one previous suspect in the post-Thunder game Bricktown shooting Monday night. 

According to the authorities, they do not have enough evidence to hold 19-year-old Rodney D. Hill and have released him pending further investigation.

Tuesday Oklahoma City police made two arrests following the shooting Monday night in Bricktown.

The attorney for one of the teens is defending his client.

Oklahoma City police first arrested 19-year-old Hill.

A second suspect was then taken into custody as well.

Late Wednesday Hill was released from the county jail.

His attorney said Hill didn't do anything wrong, except hang around the wrong crowd.

"I don't know how many times he's even held a gun. He's not a gang banger. He's not a shooter," William Bock said.

Attorney Bock admits Hill went to Bricktown Monday night with a group of friends, including the second arrested suspect, Avery Meyers.

Yet Bock maintains Hill is not responsible for the shots being fired.

The arrest warrant first filed for Hill details how witnesses told police, "One of the black males pulled a gun from his waist and began shooting into the crowd."

The document does not identify the trigger man but Bock said it's not Hill.

"I mean, he didn't know it was happening. It's no different than me pulling out a gun and shooting you and they arrest you for it," Bock said.

Bock said despite all the argument over the festivities in Thunder Alley, the shooting had nothing to do with sports.

He simply wants to help clear Hill's name.

"We believe the investigation will show he didn't have knowledge the kid had a gun and it was going to escalate like that," said Bock.

Right now, criminal charges have not been filed.

Bock hopes Hill does not get charged with the crime.

That'll be up to the district attorney to decide.

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