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Former Chief of Police charged with embezzlement

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VERDEN, Okla. -- A former Oklahoma police chief is accused stealing from the city.

Thursday former Verden Police Chief Robert Belcher turned himself in to authorities.

The small town of Verden is known as what some people call a speed trap but just off the road police heavily monitor is where investigators said another crime happened involving Robert Belcher, the former Verden police chief.

"Mr. Belcher at the time was the police chief for the city of Verden," Grady County Assistant District Attorney Cortnie Cain said. "His job and his duties as police chief are to protect the residents of Verden from this exact thing."

This same thing authorities said is embezzling city funds.

"He was supposed to be using the fuel card for his vehicle that he used for employment purposes," Cain said.

Investigators believe he used his city-issued Fuelman card to fill up not only his personal vehicle but his girlfriend's vehicle as well.

It all came to light when city board members noticed numbers in the budget just didn't add up and the district attorneys office started an investigation.

Belcher was fired as chief over another matter prior to this crime.

He is also accused of refusing to give back property including a flashlight and binoculars that belonged to the city.

"Using resources from the city of Verden for personal use is absolutely a big deal," Cain said. "He knew he wasn't supposed to be doing that and he did it anyway."

Authorities said they believe Belcher had been using the fuel card for several months.

He is charged with embezzlement.