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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A metro student severely injured just hours before her graduation got a special treat Tuesday morning.

She may not have graduated with her friends but Tuesday she got the next best thing.

John Marshall High School Principal Aspacia Carlson said, "Your strength, determination and stamina have been challenged."

Kristen Wilson is the only graduate to sit on the John Marshall stage Tuesday morning.

Carlson said, "Before your family and friends, your inner fighting spirit has shone through."

Her classmates at John Marshall High School walked the stage nearly three weeks ago but for Kristen, this day almost never came.

Kristy Moseley, Kristen's mom, said, "Three broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a broken femur, a broken pelvis; she had a lot going on. She was pretty broken."

Kristen was driving along Memorial Rd. at Highland Park Blvd. the morning she was supposed to graduate, when another car smashed right in to her.

Carlson said, "We knew as soon as she got better we were going to have graduation for her."

Tuesday morning, Kristen walked into her high school with a little help.

She was robed by her loved ones and then taken by wheelchair to the stage for personal graduation ceremony.

Oklahoma City Public School Superintendent Karl Springer even came to present her diploma.

While it wasn't the graduation she had dreamed of having with her friends, it was better than not having one at all.

Moseley said, "She means the world to me. I think she's an awesome kid. She's been through quite a bit."

Kristen said, "I just thank God that I'm still here. He had his angels with me."

Kristen plans to attend Oklahoma State University; however, her plans of starting in the fall will have to be delayed due to her physical therapy. 

Instead, Kristen plans to start in January.