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Runaway tires: Wheels gone wild

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Tires are meant to keep you moving but recently a few rounds went rogue and ended up in a few places tires have never been before.

We never tire of watching runaway tires, whether it be a bus tire on the loose or a car tire that almost takes out a guy preoccupied with his phone who belatedly runs for his life after the tire shattered a window and bounced around a computer repair shop.

But this truck driver's lost tire puts the freak in freak accident.  

William Harvey lost his tire on Interstate 75 in Ocala, Fla.

The tire went off the overpass onto another highway below, smashing a car. 

The driver was badly shaken up but escaped major injuries. 

Meanwhile the escaped tire kept rolling to the nearby Ramada Inn where it barged in a partially open door to a conference room, where Bob Hearst was just heading for the refreshment table for some cookies.

"All of a sudden one of the members said, ‘Look out,’ and right at that point something large and black came right by my side, scratched against my leg, messed up my pants."

The refreshments were pretty much obliterated. 

In the immortal words of Tire Review, "runaway truck tire checks into hotel conference room."

It was a steamy stay for this truck tire.

"The tire flipped over, smoking like crazy," he said.

If you want to know what a smoking hot tire looks like, check out the one that came bouncing into a car dealership and crashed into a parked car.  

This woman at an appliance store in Las Vegas had a close encounter with a tire gone wild.

Imagine you're trying to change a tire when a runaway tire comes whizzing by.

That's what happened on this bridge in Baytown, Texas as a motorist changed a flat, a 200 pound wheel almost took out the officer.

It scuffed his gun and ripped his holster but the sergeant was unharmed.  

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