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NICHOLS HILLS, Okla. -- Police are on the lookout after another report out of Nichols Hills of a stranger approaching a child.

Nichols Hills Police Major Chief Deputy Steven Cox said it happened Thursday evening as a 12-year-old boy was going home from the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club.

"He was riding his bike home from the country club after swimming. He was approached by a male that was driving a tan four-door vehicle," he said.

It happened on Drury Lane. 

Cox said the boy was immediately suspicious.

"He asked him if he wanted to speak with his friend that he had in the back. He used the name Hayden. The juvenile looked in the back seat, didn't see anyone and immediately took off and went home," he said.

The suspect's car is described as a four-door tan or gold sedan, possibly a Lexus or Mercedes.

The man is described as very tan with graying hair and possibly somewhere in his mid-50s.

Police said this is the third time an incident like this has been reported in less than a month.