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Noble animal shelter overflowing

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NOBLE, OK. — The Nobel Animal Shelter is over flowing with fury friends. But these loving pets can’t stay there forever.

“Unfortunately if we can’t get any adoptions or any rescue groups to help us, animals will be euthanized. It’s just the sad side of animal control,” says Jared Cox.

Officer Cox is the sole caretaker for all the animals in the city. While the thought of putting any of them to sleep is heartbreaking; its a reality.

“We try not to but, we’ve had some of these dogs for over a month and we just have limited room,” says Cox.

While the shelter sits at capacity there are even more animals that still need to be saved and strays are being dropped off all the time.

The kennel is so overwhelmed there was even talk of it having to close its doors. That rumor, chief Keith Springstead put to rest.

“We have a personnel issue right now and we’re a little short in dispatch. Our animal control officer has to also assists with dispatching,” says Springstead.

The shelter will remain open but is in desperate need of adoptions.

“All the animals we have right now are very loving with people. They love to be played with and they get along with other animals,” says Cox.

 Doctors say having a pet can improve your health because it can increase a person’s exercise and lower blood pressure.

It only cost $25 to adopt a cat or dog. If you are interested you can stop by the Noble Animal Shelter Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 4pm.

La’Tasha Givens Reporting