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The most unusual Thunder dance in OKC

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Everyone has their own way of Thundering Up on game day. Erick Alexander's special Thunder dance, could quite possibly be the most unique.

Alexander is a song-writer, a solo artist, an oil and gas contract investigator and a loyal Thunder fan.

His special Thunder dance is called "The Shank" and it is definitely one of the most unusual fans have ever seen.

"I try to have fun even when situation isn't fun, like being down 3 to 1. There's always a place for dancing." said Alexander.

The Shank is how Alexander spends every half-time, and most commercial breaks.

The dance started as a distraction for his kids, from some racy commercials.

He usually stands in front of the TV.

His kids are pretty much mortified.

There's really no describing the dance.

Part pelvic thrust, part sprinkler, part fancy footwork, you pretty much have to see it to understand it.

We've seen it, we still don't understand it.

The Shank is becoming quite legendary on Alexander's Facebook fan page.

Check out Erick Alexander's Facebook fan page here.

Alexander is occasionally willing to teach other, humbled, Thunder fans.

But frankly, the double Shank isn't as funny as the solo act.