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EDMOND, Okla. -- Natalie Konan thought her son, Pearce, was safe. 

For three hours, he floated safely in the pool, wearing a life jacket and surrounded by other kids and parents.

But when it was time to leave, Natalie removed her baby's life jacket, floaties and started packing up her belongings. 

Konan said, "I was putting my stuff away, ready to leave, talking to my friend and I turned around to say let's go and I looked in the pool and Pearce was floating face up in the water."

Natalie jumped into the pool and scooped her little boy's lifeless body out of the water. 

She said, "He had no pulse. He wasn't breathing. But you're a nurse? Thank God."

Just six months ago, she became CPR-certified.

After five intense minutes, Natalie revived her son. 

EMSA medics arrived just as Pearce began breathing again. 

Medic Jeff Rice said, "If it wasn't for her quick thinking and what she did, her son Pearce might not have survived."

Natalie plans to start sharing her life saving CPR skills with other moms. 

She said she'll never let her precious children out of sight again, not even for a moment.

She told us, "Every mom needs to know CPR. It's life or death."

EMSA also offers CPR courses. 

Click here for more information about the free classes.