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WAYNE, Okla. -- Neighbors call the property north of Wayne "the eyesore of the community."

When DEQ investigators recently went to investigate excessive garbage, they uncovered a horrific case of animal abuse in the back of the farm.

Detective Dana Guthrie served a warrant and found heifers, goats, chickens, pigs, rabbits and a llama in deplorable conditions.

Guthrie said, "They were in very poor health, different stages of starvation. We found no feed for the animals on the property and very limited water."

Investigators said the animals were forced to eat branches and bark from the trees when all the grass was gone.

Some even resorted to the unthinkable to stay alive.

Guthrie said, "One goat stuck in the fence, had been partially eaten by the other animals because there was no food. You could see the bite marks on the skin."

In addition to the neglected animals, authorities found more than 100 dead carcasses on the property. 

It took McClain County workers several hours to dispose of them all properly.

The surviving animals have now been farmed out to clinics and vet hospitals across the state in hopes of nursing them back to health.

The McClain County Sheriff's Department has presented dozens of charges of animal cruelty and improper disposal of animal carcasses for the DA to consider.