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Edmond sets record for home sales

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EDMOND, Okla. -- Realtors around the metro, and especially in the Edmond area, are noticing a positive trend in their business.

According to realtor Brian Preston, who regularly compiles statistics about Edmond-area home sales, May was a record-breaking month for that community.

"We hit a six-year high for the number of sales in Edmond for the month of May. It beat our record year of 2007." Preston said. "For March, April and May it's the first time we've seen over 600 homes under contract in Edmond for the past six years."

LINK: Preston's monthly real estate statistical report.

The Preston Report include home sales in parts of Deer Creek and North Oklahoma City.

Home sales in the Edmond area are up 25 percent from May 2011.

The average home sale price in the Edmond area is $242,000.

According to Oklahoma City realtor Anne Wilson, the trend is much the same in OKC.

"They are selling in a very short period of time," Wilson said. "If you're a seller, you have to be aggressive, listen to your realtor, price your property right and make it look really pretty! If it doesn't sell, look at price and condition because those are the two things that are the biggest factors."

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