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Champion dog missing in OKC

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A New Mexico man is looking for his dog that has gone missing here in Oklahoma.

We don't typically do stories on missing dogs but this isn't just any dog, it's a champion in its class; a show dog named Oz.

The owner is offering a reward, hoping someone around the metro has seen the pedigreed pup.

Oz was last seen near the Salvation Army in the area of S.W. 4th St.

Where he's gone since then, nobody knows.

Ron Shirey said, "The lady at the Salvation Army said he's running with a couple of other dogs."

Ron is helping in the search for Oz.

Oz is not just any dog, the canine is a National Champion in his breed.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi went missing last week during the dog show at the Cox Convention Center in Downtown Oklahoma City.

Shirey said, "He was staying in an RV down there and they park the RVs where they're tearing the old highway out."

They think Oz was either scared by or curious about all the construction.

Whatever the reason, the two and a half-year old pup ran off and is now living life on the streets.

Shirey owns several corgi's himself and decided to help so the owner could return home to New Mexico.

He said, "I've been down there looking for him. There's a lot of homeless people down there and they've been real helpful."

Oz has a collar of white fur around his neck and, unlike some corgi breeds, he does have a tail.

Ron said if you see him be careful; he's not mean but will startle easily.

He said, "He's kind of skittish so you can't just come up on him. If you come from the back he'll just dart."

Ron said the best option is to offer him something to eat, but keep an eye on him because he's quick and could easily get away again.

Shirey says, "He is a bit of an escape artist."

We did call Oz's owner but we weren't able to reach him Tuesday.

He is offering a reward to anyone who finds Oz.

The dog does have a microchip that would allow a veterinarian to identify him.

If you've seen Oz you can contact Ron Shirey at (405) 830-0893.