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Metro man accused of rape, assault with pliers

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A metro man is behind bars after being accused of an unusual and brutal attack.

The assault happened early Saturday morning at a house in the 2000 block of N.E. 28th St.

The victim said the man she'd been dating for about six weeks came into her home while she was asleep, said he had something for her, then went and grabbed pliers from a drawer in her kitchen.

"He sexually assaulted her. He actually bound her and he sexually assaulted her. He took pliers and he shoved the pliers into her mouth, grabbing ahold of her tongue and the force of the pliers actually broke several of her teeth," OKC Police MSgt. Gary Knight said.

The victim said she pleaded with her attacker to let her live because she has two small children.

She said the assault finally stopped when her attacker, 21-year-old Patrick Garnette, passed out.

She was able to escape and get help.

Her next door neighbor said the kids weren't home at the time of the attack.

"She was young. She was real fun. She was about 20 years old and she had two kids. She really loved her kids so it's kind of sad that it happened," Miranda Favela said.

Favela was shocked to hear about the brutal the attack.

"It's just horrible to even, why would you do that to somebody? I don't know. I couldn't imagine someone could be that mad or upset or anything like that," Favela said.

The victim also said Garnette tried to talk her into being a prostitute, but she refused.

Captain Lisa Hall, Director of Social and Ethical Ministries for the Salvation Army, says this attack is not unusual in the world of prostitution.

"We see that often there's coercion and kidnapping and horrible things which is why we call it modern-day slavery," Hall said.

The victim said she believes Garnette was high on drugs and he told her the next morning that he did not remember the attack.

He is now facing a very long list of charges, including assault, maiming, kidnapping and rape.