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OU goes tobacco free

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NORMAN, Okla -- The winds of change are blowing across the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman. 

Effective immediately, cigarettes and smokeless tobacco have been officially banned.

Student athlete Michelle Gascoigne said, "Sometimes if I'm running on campus, I breathe in a big cloud of smoke. It kind of bothers me."

The university released the following written statement, "A tobacco-free campus protects everyone from the health dangers related to second-hand smoke and is in compliance with Governor Fallin's recent executive order."

OU student, Kesia Black told us, "I think it's great for the environment. There are people who don't smoke and it's just healthier for our campus."

The smoke free policy doesn't just impact students and staff. 

The folks attending sporting events and other campus functions will not be allowed to smoke either. 

You'll notice designated smoking areas have been removed. 

Violators will receive a verbal warning but repeat offenders could be ticketed and escorted off campus.

Smokers admit it won't be easy sitting through a four-hour football game.

James Culberston said, "Well, my mom smokes so it's going to be tough. But there are alternatives."

University administrators said employees and students can find tobacco-quitting resources on campus.

Smoker Dana Whitlock said, "I heard about the programs. I haven't been able to do them. I'm trying it on my own. If it gets to be too much, then I'll join a class."

OU officials hope the new smoke-free policy will be added incentive for everyone on campus to kick the habit.