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VIRUS WARNING: Malware could leave you without internet Monday

Despite months of warnings, tens of thousands of U.S. computer users will lose internet access Monday. 

That's because their computers are infected with a rogue virus that's gone unnoticed. 

It all began months ago when six Estonians were charged with corrupting 4 million computers worldwide with mal-ware.

That virus essentially hijacked the computer, forcing it to use internet servers that often directed the user to sites they may not have intended.

The scammers made as much as $14 million off ads they'd sold on the destination sites.

The FBI’s Tom Grasso said, "They had found a way to tap into one of the most lucrative sources of money on the internet, and that's online advertising."

After the scammers were caught , the FBI took over their servers allowing users to surf without issue for months.

But now, after numerous warnings the FBI is pulling the plug, essentially disconnecting an estimated 45,000 infected devices.

MSNBC Technology Writer Bob Sullivan said, "The good news is, the odds aren't very high that you will be infected. But the bad news is, if you are infected, you probably don't know. And on Monday, if your Internet goes out, you're going to have a really hard time fixing your computer." 

There is a way to see if you've got a problem.

Visit http://dcwg.org/ and it will tell you immediately if your machine has the virus and how to fix it.

It's a simple test that can save you from a lot of potential problems.

Is your computer infected? Find out here.

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