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Edmond resident catches bobcat on camera

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EDMOND, Okla. -- Jeannine Knippers is a shutter bug and her Edmond backyard near 2nd St. and Santa Fe is an ideal environment to photograph wildlife.

She said, "I get birds and everything. I like photography, so I have a great time."

Recently, while snapping pictures of birds, something bigger caught her eye.

Knippers said, "I noticed out of my lens of my camera that something had poked into my gate. I saw it come through the gate, I noticed it wasn't just a cat. It was something else."

It was a baby bobcat, 25 pounds or so, staring her in the face. 

She was too mesmerized to run, so she began shooting dozens of breathtaking photographs.

Jeannine told us, "We looked at each other for about a minute and then he went on his way."

It was just Monday when we reported another close encounter at Mitch Park, two miles from Jeannine's home.

A jogger came face to face with a 40 pound bobcat while on the hiking trail.

Edmond Animal Welfare officials insist these sightings are rare and the wild cats are little threat to people.

Officer Cara Drake said, "These animals, bobcats and mountain lions, they are sneak attack predators. They aren't going to chase you down, usually. You don't even see them. Most of the time it's going to run, not turn around and come after you."

Even so, Jeannine said she'll be a little more cautious every time she steps outside to her back porch.