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OKLAHOMA CITY - Ryan and Christa French are swimming in frustration.

First a tornado ripped their Choctaw home to shreds in 2010.

Then Ryan, an active duty airman and just thirty-five, suffered a massive stroke.

Ryan is recovering.

He's made awesome progress at the Integris Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Hospital.

“I feel good in the pool,” Ryan said. “I can move better in the pool.”

Ryan’s wife Christa said, “A lot of the therapy I could do at the house if I had a pool.”

There's just one problem. The pool his family hired Lifestyle Pools to build isn't finished. It's been six months.

Owner Todd Zachritz recently bought out his dad after the elder Zachritz had a heart attack.

Along with a transfer of power, Todd inherited his father's unfinished jobs and enormous debt owed to creditors and the state.

Oklahoma Tax Commission spokesperson Paula Ross said, “We came to a point where they owed so much money we had to close the business down.”

Only after Lifestyle Pools started making monthly payments to the state was Todd allowed to re-open his doors.

Ryan French though isn't the only one complaining.

Greg Davis, an airman, recently returned home from Afghanistan only to have his poolside homecoming celebration cancelled.  

The In Your Corner team knows of at least six families in a similar situation.

Zachritz says he could have walked away when the state shut down his dad, but didn't.

He assures customers he's in it for the long haul.

“I'm coming up with a plan of action for each customer on a day to day basis on how to complete their jobs,” Zachritz said. “First of all, how we're going to fund them, get them complete and do it in a timely manner.”

It's now up to Zachritz to fix things with the state and customers.

He says manpower isn't the problem. It's coming up with the cash to pay subcontractors and suppliers. 

He promises customers will get their pools. He just doesn't know when.

We'll check back.

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