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A second jogger attacked

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- OSU engineering student Alyssa Avery is still recovering from a late-night ambush.

The 21 year old was attacked last week while jogging along the I-35 frontage Road between 15th St. and 2nd St. 

Her brother Nathan said, "Probably trying to rob her or something worse. We don't know. Luckily she was able to get away. We're thankful for that."

But a 15-year-old Oklahoma City jogger was not so lucky. 

She was almost home when an unknown assailant grabbed her near N.W. 56th St. & Tulsa Ave.

Investigators said there are too many parallels to ignore. 

Sgt. Gary Knight said, "That's something fairly common on sexual assault cases. We check to see it any cases fit that M.O. to see if we're dealing with something of a serial nature of one time event."

In both cases, the young ladies were jogging, alone at night. 

Neither one saw the attacker because they were ambushed from behind.

Alyssa Avery was able to break free by biting the assailant's hand. 

But the 15year old victim was knocked unconscious.

Knight said, "When she woke up, she believes she was sexually assaulted. Her clothes were different. It appears she had been sexually assaulted."

Detectives are investigating two attacks within about a week of each other.

Edmond and Oklahoma City police are working in tandum to find the person or persons responsible.

If you have any helpful information, contact Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300.