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Woman arrested tossing dog from balcony

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma City woman is arrested for an unusual case of animal cruelty.

Police claim an argument between sisters ended with one sibling tossing a small dog out of a second story apartment.

The out-of-control suspect then had to be tased by officers.

The dispute apparently began over drugs.

During the argument, the small dog found itself in the crossfire.

Now the suspect is facing criminal charges after witnesses saw the unruly woman throw a small dog over the second floor railing.

"I'm an animal person so I cried a bit. I ain't even gonna lie," one neighbor said.

When the first police officer arrived at the apartment complex near 122nd and Penn, the dog remained motionless on the pavement.

Although the animal ultimately survived, the violent toss landed Elizabeth Lay behind bars for animal cruelty.

"Anytime somebody throws a dog off a second floor, you don't want to be doing that. That is a cruel act to an animal. That's something that will land somebody in jail," OKC Police MSgt. Gary Knight said.

And the suspect didn't go quietly.

Inside the apartment police said Lay threatened the officer with a hair pick.

"She was approaching the officer in a threatening manner and not obeying the officer and she was holding something in her hand that the officer couldn't tell if it was a weapon or something else," Knight said.

Knight said police were forced to taser Lay into submission.

Lay's neighbors said the animal abuse surprised them.

"She's always friendly. It's really shocking," that neighbor said.

The good news, neighbors said the wounded dog is going to be just fine.