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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Cyclists around the world are glued to the coverage of the Tour De France right now, a precursor of sorts to the Olympics in London.

Competitive cycling has really caught on in Oklahoma.

Enthusiasts are anxiously anticipating the four cycling events of the Summer Games: Road Cycling, BMX, Mountain Biking and Velodrome.

Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Steven Coupens, leaves for London on Sunday.

Coupens is the team doctor for USA Cycling with 55 cyclists under his care; 40 of them are athletes in the competition of their life.

"Our job as physicians is to help both the men and the women to do their best over there. Primarily I'm concerned about if someone crashes. But I also treat athletes for colds and sickness from traveling and the rest," Dr. Coupens said.

Dr. Coupens traveled to the Beijing Olympics in 2008, and the Pan Am Games in Rio last year.

Doping has been big news on The Tour recently with allegations against the world's most decorated elite cyclist, Lance Armstrong.

"Drugs have become a very big issue. I'm sure we will be confronted with that issue at the Olympics. I'm not saying that anyone will or won't take anything but I'm sure that issue will come up," Coupens said.

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