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CHOCTAW, Okla. -- The search for some missing children out of Texas helps sheriff's deputies make a drug bust in Oklahoma County.

Wednesday deputies went to a home near S.E. 59th St. and Indian Meridian.

Officers didn't find the missing kids but they did arrest two people on a number of other criminal charges.

"Really, to be honest, we just stumbled across this," Mark Myers said, Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department.

Inside the wooded trailer home, Oklahoma County sheriff's deputies found 16 pot plants, several bags of processed drugs, as well as pot seeds and a pair of rifles.

"Officers asked if they could search the house and they were given consent. As soon as they walked through the house, they noticed this marijuana growing operation," Myers said.

The man who lives in the home, Ronald Rogers, allegedly confessed to owning the illegal items.

Officers also arrested a second suspect in the home, Dayna Lake, on outstanding warrants.

"Well I'm against drugs, so they have to account for that," neighbor Barbara Carter said.

That neighbor doesn't condone the suspects allegedly growing weed inside their home but questions the tactics deputies used to conduct the search without a warrant.

"It's like it's not a free country. Police can just come in and say, 'Show me your guns, show me this and that.' You can't do that," Carter said.

For their part, investigators point out the couple invited them inside the home, negating the need for a warrant.

"We were invited in and told we could search. It's kind of unique that someone growing marijuana and with outstanding warrants would tell you to search their home but that's what happened," Myers said.

As for the missing kids, investigators said it appears to be a family-related abduction.