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Serial livestock killer in Choctaw?

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CHOCTAW, Okla. -- Four longhorns were shot and killed in Choctaw in the middle of the night.

Now, residents are wondering if someone is murdering livestock just for fun.

Harry Waldrip takes a head count of his longhorns every night.

But when he came to his pasture the morning of Friday the 13, he found three calves and a pregnant cow all dead.

He didn't know what happened so he took two of them to the veterinarian.

When the veterinarian pulled back the hide they saw bullet holes.

Waldrip then realized his cows were gunned down, each shot with a .22 caliber rifle.

"It doesn't kill them instantly, they have to bleed to death internally before they die so they can live quiet a while," Waldrip said.

Residents believe a serial livestock killer is driving around shooting at animals in the area.

Many of the cows have been in the Waldrip family for more than 20 years.

Waldrip said the scariest part of the ordeal is the same area the animals were found shot is where his grandchildren fish and camp out overnight.

He also named three other recent livestock killings just since May.

Animal control is working to find out exactly what happened.

Investigators said intentionally killing livestock is a felony with likely jail time.

Anyone with information on these shootings is asked to call Choctaw police.