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VALLEY BROOK, Okla. -- The law swarmed inside and out a Valley Brook strip club Thursday night as authorities raided the Little Darlings Erotic Ultra Club.

Sheriff John Whetsel said it stemmed from concerned citizens.

"Basically Oklahoma County Sheriffs received some complaints about activities going on inside this bar, strip club," he said.

Undercover Officers had been working on the case for at least two weeks.

Mark Myers from the Sheriff's Department said there was more than just dancing going on.

"In the state of Oklahoma, dancers can't be completely naked," Myers said. "We found that was happening and you can't offer sex acts for money and that's what was going on as well."

Sheriff Whetsel said 17 arrests were made.

"Fifteen of the girls were arrested for engaging in lewd acts. One was arrested for offering to engage in a lewd act and a manager was arrested for operating a business where lewd acts occur," the sheriff said.

The raid was peaceful and most of those arrested bonded out by Friday.