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STILLWATER, Okla. -- A jury has convicted suspended OSU basketball player, 22-year-old Darrell Williams, of two counts of rape by instrumentation and sexual assault. 

He was acquitted on two other counts of rape by instrumentation.  

Closing arguments wrapped up Monday afternoon in Stillwater in a sexual assault case against an Oklahoma State basketball player.

Darrell Williams, 22, was charged with four counts of rape by instrumentation and one count of sexual battery.

Two women accused him of raping them with his hands at a late-night house party in Stillwater in December of 2010.

Both women identified Williams from an OSU team photo.

Defense attorneys argued the women could have misidentified him because other players were at the party.

They told the jury there was no physical evidence, like cuts or bruises, and said police found no witnesses to the alleged crime.

Players and family testified to Williams' good character but prosecutors told the jury a good person can make a bad decision.

They said there was a witness who saw one of the women crying after the alleged attack.

In the end, the state asked the jury to tell Williams that "no means no."

The jury began deliberations before 12:30 p.m. Monday.

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