Pleasant Monday with highs in the low 70s

Volunteer firefighters thirst for water

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AMBER, Okla. -- Amber's volunteer fire department has had it's share of large, out-of-control wildfires recently.

Chief, Mike Norman said, "Last week we had four calls in one day. Guys got called out at 6 a.m. and didn't get back 'til three the next morning, almost 24 hours on the fire line."

And just imagine wearing 70 pounds of bunker gear; that makes it feel like 130 degrees.

Put them on the front lines and the heat is potentially deadly.  

Fire fighters need be stay hydrated but supplies are running low in Amber and at other volunteer agencies around the state.

Norman said, "That's all the water we have left and it's early in the season. This won't last, if it's a big fire, one day. We're completely out."

With limited budgets, Amber's department must spend money on maintaining equipment; there is no extra money for life-saving H2O.

The chief said, "It's critical we get some water and Gatorade for these guys."

Without it, these routine fire fights could become a fight for survival.

Volunteer fire departments across the state are accepting donations for water and Gatorade. 

Check with your local agency if you'd like to help during this heat wave.