4 things banned at the Olympic Games

Posted on: 4:49 pm, July 31, 2012, by

Breaking world records and achieving personal “bests” are all part of the Olympics.

Here are four surprising things athletes and fans can’t do at the games.

  • You can’t share an internet connection.

The use of personal hotspots inside any venue is a great big no-no.

  • You can’t play bagpipes.

It’s true. Any noise-making device including whistles, drums, rattles, bagpipes or those irritating vuvuzelas are banned from the venues.

  • You can’t pay for anything using Mastercard.

Since Visa is an official sponsor, your Mastercard won’t work at the games.

  • Unless you’re buying “fish and chips,” you can’t buy French fries from anyone other than another official sponsor, McDonalds.