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Friends, family support OSU basketball player convicted of rape

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STILLWATER, Okla. -- Friends and family of a former OSU basketball player convicted of rape rally to his side.

Last week a Payne County jury convicted Darrell Williams on two counts of rape and one count sexual battery.

Some family friends of the convicted suspect have started an online petition and organized a prayer rally in Stillwater Wednesday.

Their goal is to right what they call an injustice.

"It upsets me very much that my friend is in jail for something he didn't do," family friend Brandi Miner-Robertson said.

The legal trouble began during a party in Stillwater when two women claimed Williams groped them and reached into their pants without consent.

Williams always denied the allegations; his friends cite a lack of any physical evidence.

"There's no DNA. There's nothing. It's a 'he-said, she-said' type case. Why the jury decided to believe the girls, I don't know," Miner-Robertson said.

The jury recommended Williams serve a three year prison sentence.

In response, Brandi began an online petition asking the judge to suspend the punishment and let Williams walk free.

"I just hope he looks at Facebook, at the petition, and sees how many people know Darrell is not capable of this crime," Miner-Robertson said.

"I don't think you put pressure like that on a judge," legal analyst David McKenzie said.

McKenzie doubts the prayers and petition will do much good.

After all, he said the law is not based on public opinion.

"To get on the internet and have signatures is meaningless and counter productive," McKenzie said.

The judge is set to decide Williams' fate Aug. 24.

"I hope my friend walks out those doors August 24 a free man," Miner-Robertson said.

During trial, OSU coach Travis Ford testified he did not think Williams is guilty of the crime.