Sunshine in store for Memorial Day weekend

Boats stuck when lake level drops

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The water level at Lake Hefner is dropping and some boats are now stuck in the mud.

The lake loses an inch of water each day due to usage and evaporation.  City officials say it is down nearly seven feet.

"A lot of the boat owners they get stuck and if they don't get them out in time you can't get your boat out," said boater Ryan Ecker.

Officials say the water level isn’t as low as it was last year when some boats were sitting on the lake bottom.

The Oklahoma City Boat Club is hoping this year isn’t as bad as 2011.

"Most of us have already had to take the big sailboats out only the smaller boats can stay in,” said Cal Monsma, Commodore of the OKC Boat Club.

The city is monitoring the water level. At this time, there are no plans to release water from Canton Lake into Lake Hefner.