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Wild animals overcome by heat

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NOBLE, OK — It’s a revolving door at WildCare in Noble. Injured wild animals are arriving here daily. Cara Cook and her son, Blake rescued a small hawk from a football field in Oklahoma City. Cook said, “It was just sitting there. I think it was overheated.”

The Mississippi Kite is one of nearly 200 baby birds being cared for here. WildCare supervisor, Rondi Large said, “Since they have been hatched, they haven’t had any water at all. They are up in the trees where it’s been 110 degrees, cooking in the sun. It’s getting way too hot and they are jumping for relief.”

Roadrunners, possums and baby squirrels are also falling victim to the intense Oklahoma heat.

Lots of tree dwellers are escaping the sun and getting injured in the process. Large said, “These little squirrels are wigglers. When they are unhappy they wiggle like babies. And they fall through the nest.”

Officials say they are helpless and abandoned, with little hope of survival. Large told us, “If you see them and know they are struggling, you can you put water out there. All these animals need a drink badly, a shallow bowl of water is great.”

WildCare experts suggest keeping an eye on the infant wildlife.  If mom doesn’t return, it’s best to carefully pick up the animal and get it to the professionals at this rehabilitation facility. “If they are on the ground, bring them here and we’ll raise them.”

Large said it’s there only chance at survival. “It’s bad for us for sure. But the wildlife, they can’t go get a bottle of Gatorade.”