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LUTHER, OK — It’s a tragic scene that’s playing out all over central Oklahoma; families sifting through what little is left of their homes, trying to recover any belongings not destroyed by the weekend wild fires.

One of the hardest hit communities is the small town of Luther. Walking and sifting through what’s left of his home, the ashes finally finished smoldering, Logan Renner isn’t finding much left to salvage but refuses to get discouraged.

“You just gotta clean up and rebuild. You can’t do much else,” said Renner.

When the fires first kicked up on Friday, Logan and his family had just a few precious minutes to grab what they could from the home.

“You got so much going through your mind, you’re thinking what should I grab, then you think about stuff you should have grabbed that’s more important,” said Renner.

Logan does wish he could relive those moments. He might’ve saved some different items. For example, his sister grabbed a Wii game system, that now seems insignificant.

“Electronics aren’t worth anything. I didn’t grab my XBox, but I should’ve grabbed my Texas Rangers baseball from opening day of the stadium,” said Renner.

As is often the case, tragedies like this bring communities like Luther closer together.

Truck after truck is being unloaded at a community service center. From water, to clothes, it’s all being donated to fire victims.

“If tragedy happens everyone wants to do something and they are doing it,” said Ruby Stahl.

Of course news that an arsonist may have sparked the blaze intentionally is still upsetting to everyone in Luther.

“It’s so terrible that somebody would do this to so many people,” said Linda Mahan.

Still, many in Luther are doing their best to keep their spirits up.

“I’m amazed how many people offered stuff to try to help us out,” said Renner.

Again, the county sheriff’s office suspects the Luther fire is the result of arson.

A witness reported seeing someone throw a flaming newspaper or phone book out of a truck, but no arrests have been made.