WARNING: Scammers target elderly neighbors

OKLAHOMA CITY -- There is an old scam popping up around the Oklahoma City metro with a seemingly new twist.

Norma Jolley, 87, is the latest victim.

Jolley lives in an established neighborhood near N.W. 50th.

She was sweeping her patio the other day when a man, who claimed to be a neighbor, stopped by.

Jolley thought she recognized the clean-cut man after he greeted her, "Hey neighbor!"

The man said he had some car trouble and needed to borrow $40.

Jolley let him in.

"I usually don't have that kind of money but I had worked the election and I just had that money in my billfold," Jolley said. "I opened my billfold and he could see that I had money in there and I gave him $40 and he said, 'Oh could you give me another $20 just in case that's not enough?'"

So Jolley forked over another $20 and said goodbye.

Jolley now believes the neighbor was actually a door-to-door scammer.

"You can't trust anybody. When you think they're your neighbor, it's just sad," she said.

Jolley filed a police report and OKCPD is investigating. 

The suspect is described as a clean-cut, middle-aged, white man wearing khakis and a fitted shirt.