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Family questions son’s overdose, death

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A metro mom wants answers after her son was found dead from an apparent drug overdose.

She's hoping by sharing his story someone will come forward with information as to what happened leading up to his death.

Michelle Ross' son Alex was found dead last Friday.

She said, "He was just a really remarkable kid that the drugs took over."

Mrs. Ross is talking about her son, 22-year-old Alexander Ross.

Alex was found dead inside a car last week in the parking lot of a Southwest Oklahoma City hotel.

He had been missing for almost a day.

OKC Police MSgt. Gary Knight said, "It appears he had been using drugs the night before there in the parking lot and simply died."

Despite what police have said, Alex's mom believes someone knows what really happened to her son.

She said, "The radio would have been blaring, the air conditioner would have been on, no matter what he did in the car. The keys weren't anywhere near him."

She thinks he passed out and that someone else panicked leaving him there alone, inside the car.

Mrs. Ross said, "I know he wasn't by himself."

Knight said, "At this time there is no evidence of foul play, however, we are waiting for the medical examiner to rule, as toxicology is still outstanding."

Ross admits her son did have a drug problem.

She said he had been in rehab and fallen back in to trouble recently.

However, she doesn't believe he was using alone.

She's hoping this death will help them overcome their own addictions.

Ross said, "I hope and pray that it saves whomever he was with."

Alex's mom said she doesn't want revenge against anyone.

In fact, she believes this was simply a tragic accident.

Funeral services for Alex Ross were held Thursday in Midwest City.