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Man wrestles burglars in home invasion

BETHANY, Okla. — Authorities have arrested two suspects in a Bethany home invasion, 28-year-old Fernon Nelson and 26-year-old Shane Lott.

For 68-year-old Allen Oakley, it was going to be another relaxing Monday night but that changed in a flash at his home in the 6800 block of N.W. 53rd St. in Bethany. 

He said a man knocked on the door asking for “Mary” and then came back with another guy.

“Then, all of a sudden, ‘whack’ in the head,face and then he pushed me into the house,” he said. “We wrestled on the floor and finally I got up and pushed him away. I was fighting with the tall guy and the other guy was ransacking the other rooms.”

Oakley said he had a worker at his house recently who had a girlfriend named Mary; he thinks there may be a connection.

“They did not find Mary. Mary is not there. They did not believe me.”

When Oakley got away, he ran to the neighbor’s house.

“As I did, I was next door pounding loudly, ‘call the police’. When they heard that I guess they took off.”

His neighbors took action quickly once the ruckus started and called 911.

Oakley lost a tooth and gained may cuts and bruises but still has a sense of humor and some advice.

“Make sure to look out who’s at the door. If you don’t know them, don’t answer the door.¬†Also, make sure your gun is loaded,” he said.

Witnesses said the suspects were driving a new red Ford Focus with a paper tag.