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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Downtown business owners have their hands full corralling brown field crickets.

It is a full-blown infestation in the Automobile Alley business district.

"It's basically just an infestation of crickets. Everywhere, literally everywhere," Steve Swanson of Schlegel Bicycle Shop said.

Some businesses have hired exterminators, others are waiting for the hard-shelled insects to fly away.

"Well they were just all over the front door and so I was trying to unlock the door and get in and turn off the alarm and I was just trying to hop around to get away from them," Leslie Clark said.

Businesses in the Norman area are reporting a similar invasion.

Agriculture experts tell us late summer is the normal time of year for brown field cricket mating.

BLOOPER: Ali Meyer lets out a blood-curdling scream when she discovers a cricket in her pants. Photographer Micah Leon was shooting video of the crickets and missed Meyer's freak out on tape but the audio is still pretty funny. Watch below. (Audio is low, may have to turn up volume to hear it).