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OKLAHOMA CITY -- It was much bigger than the typical street corner prostitution bust in Oklahoma City.

This past weekend, undercover officers joined forces to arrest more than 44 people in hotels and motels around the city, including some high-end hotels in the downtown area.

Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow said many of the arrests originated from cyber advertisements.

"It was a sting operation that included both prostitution and human trafficking," Sgt. Wardlow said. "Obviously we consider this a very successful operation. They targeted not only street-level prostitution but prostitution involving the internet as well."

Most of those arrested were women but some men were apprehended as well.

Charges include selling, soliciting and aiding in prostitution.

Affidavits showed similar scenarios in multiple arrests, often involving undercover police officers pretending to answer an internet escort advertisement.

In some cases, officers scheduled meetings with online escorts where some agreed to sell sex acts for cash.

Oklahoma City Police, FBI and the OBN's Human Trafficking Unit worked together on the sting.

The oldest person taken into custody was 57-years-old, the youngest was 18.