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DEL CITY, Okla. -- A homeowner is upset about a leaky pipe that has turned part of his front yard into a wet and soggy mess.  

A puddle stretches from Tim Rupert’s yard into his neighbor’s front yard.

He believes a city pipe is causing the problem.

He said it started in June.

"It smells like rotten water," Rupert said. "I've got a family that lives by me and we are both in our prime of life but that West Nile virus isn't very picky about who it attacks."

Rupert contacted Del City Public Works about the problem; he said they haven’t fixed it.

"I'd ask them to be patient with us," Del City Public Works Director Bill Graham said.

Crews are working on multiple leaks across the city.

Graham said the weather conditions are causing more problems than usual.

"That dry ground puts pressure on the pipes so if you have any weak pipes, they'll burst," Graham said.

Graham added that the public works department is in the process of hiring more workers.

The city hopes to fix Rupert’s pipe sometime next week.