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5-year-old girl saves mother’s life

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YUKON, Okla. -- Five-year old Olivia Crawford is a pretty shy kindergartner.

But she knew all the right things to say and do during a recent medical emergency.

Olivia's mom, Tabatha, was unconscious on the bedroom floor. 

She recently started a diet and admits she got carried away.

Tabatha said, "Malnutrition, dehydration, a sinus infection and high blood pressure."

She was unresponsive with blood pouring from her nose. 

Olivia took charge.

Her mom told us, "She doesn't even know how to work my phone. She figured it out. She kept her little brother inside, juggled him and led medics to me."

That meant going outside to get the address off the front door and calmly relaying the information to a dispatcher.

EMSA field supervisor Tony McCarty said, "The 5 year old contacted us and she did an outstanding job giving us all the information we needed to help mom in a timely manner."  

EMSA medics said there is no telling what might have happened if not for Olivia's quick thinking.

Tabatha Crawford said, "She saved my life. She did. She's my guardian angel."