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Price of popcorn on the rise

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The lack of rain has lowered water levels in the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

Corn and soybean prices are on the rise.

It is the result of one of the worst seasons of drought in U.S. history.

Farmers across the country are expected to harvest 10.727 billion bushels of corn this year; the smallest crop yield in six years, down 13 percent from 2011.

The USDA is calling crop conditions the worst they've seen since 1988.

The skyrocketing price of corn is a major factor for the owners of The Popcorn Fharmacy near Grand Blvd. and N. May Ave.

Owner Deanna Dunn buys gourmet popping corn in bulk 50-pound bags.

The price she pays has gone up 35 percent in the past two years. 

"It's really nerve-racking for me because my business depends on a good crop," Dunn said. "I've been doing this for a long time now. I know good popcorn from not good popcorn."

Dunn has been popping and selling flavored popcorn in Oklahoma City for 24 years.

She has been trying desperately to keep her price steady for her customers but will likely be forced to raise prices before the year ends.

"Well, you have to pass some of that cost on to the consumer and that is one thing I hate to do because I'm a consumer too," Dunn said. "I don't like to go to the store, and every time I go, something be higher."

Popcorn is now just one more thing Oklahomans can expect to pay a little more for in a year that's been lean, in more ways than one.

The U.S.D.A. is projecting food prices to increase just three to four percent in 2013.

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