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Car hits moving train; driver and passengers suffer minor injuries

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ADA, Okla. -- A mother and son walked away with just a few cuts and bruises after their car struck a moving train.

Chris Manous was driving and his mom was in the passenger seat when they hit the train Thursday morning.

Manous said he was blinded by the sun and was adjusting his sun visor when he noticed the train, but couldn’t stop fast enough.

"All of a sudden the train is right in front of me," Manous said. "I feel good to be alive, I'm really lucky."

According to the police report, the train pulled the car about 20 feet before it stopped.

The Ada Evening News captured video of the accident shortly after it happened.

Manous said the train was barely moving when his car struck it.

A witness told police that the railroad lights and sirens were functioning properly. The intersection does not have railroad crossing arms.