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IYC Scam Alert: Federal stimulus scam

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Our In Your Corner team continues to expose the latest scams targeting Oklahomans.

Tonight’s warning is a bogus offer of stimulus money to help low-income families pay their utility bills.

What the scammers are really after is your identity. 

Christy Mummey says she got duped.

“I was really angry actually,” she said. “I was afraid they were going to get a hold of my personal information and steal my identity.”

A fraudster, posing as Uncle Sam, promises to pay your utility bills in exchange for personal information, specifically your social security number.

Christy tried paying her cable bill.  

She said, “All you had to do was enter in a sequence of numbers in addition to the red numbers on the back of your social security card.”

The payment was even processed and credited to the Mummey's account.

Only later was the payment returned.

“At that point you'd find out 30 days later that it was a bogus account,” Christy said. “There was a return check fee and the bill was not paid.”

For Christy, whose husband recently lost his job, the financial setback couldn't have come at a worst time. 

Here's the In Your Corner bottom line:

  • President Obama isn't paying anyone's utility bills.
  • There is no stimulus money.
  • Giving out any information from your social security card is a bad idea.